• Devide designed for the waste-free cutting of styrofoam,
  • Cut precision for all variants: straight cut, slanting cut, cutters, window frames, etc.
  • Cut portion is a hot wire
  • Boom gets up on 550 mm
  • Device is supplied with a voltage source of 230V through an isolation transformer, which provides the protection against electric shock,
  • Functional gauge facilitates the proper timing of styrofoam boards
  • Design of the device allows to cut an angle of 90 to any of the acute angle, providing a full cut of the materials
  • Functionality in all conditions and easy handling
  • Precise shaping quarantees the material saving
  • Device is compact, easy to dismantle, transport and storage
  • It is efficient and thanks to its usability quality it also saves time

CENA: 1390,00 zł (brutto)/1130,08 (netto)

Max. cutting lenghts 1013 mm
Max. cutting thickness 550 mm
Overall lenght of the device 1250 mm
Device weight 14 kg
Power transformer of 230/24V
Frequency of 50 Hz
Separation class “B”
Tightness degree IP44
Power of transformer 120 W/ 5A